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        Electronic Hardware Corp


        Electronic Hardware Corporation Welcome's New Distributor
        Expands Presence in UK and Europe

        FARMINGDALE, NY - April 23, 2012 - Electronic Hardware Corporation, Inc. (EHC), provider of stock and custom control knobs, is pleased to welcome a new distributor - Nexus Components Limited - www.nexuscomponents.com - Strategically located in North West England, Nexus Components will serve to expand EHC's footprint in both the UK and Europe.

        As a specialist distributor, Nexus focuses on supplying high quality switches, controls, sensors, touch screen systems and relays to the high-tech and aerospace industries. EHC's full line of knobs and control products will serve as a natural complement to Nexus Components existing product line.

        About EHC

        In business for over 50 years, EHC is a manufacturer of quality hardware components including a full range of industrial, military and aerospace control knobs and custom components. An ISO9001 registered company, EHC has manufacturing facilities in the United States and China and is headquarters in Farmingdale, New York.

        For more information about EHC please visit www.www.vshmesz.com

        About Nexus Components

        Nexus components is a specialist distributor supplying high quality switches, joysticks, grips, touch screens and solid state relays to the manufacturing sector and are ISO9001:2008 approved.

        Our company mission is to provide our customers with flawless solutions for the full life cycle of their end product. Working in close partnership with both our suppliers and our customers ensures that Nexus Components is always on hand to serve you in an expeditious manner, providing expert technical and commercial support when you require it.

        For more information please visit www.nexuscomponents.com

        More information
        Contact: Joe Frassetto (631.293.4796 x223)

        Beyond control knobs... Components and assemblies within your reach.
        Electronic Hardware Corporation   ·   1881 Lakeland Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
        Phone: 631-752-1950 www.www.vshmesz.com Email: sales@www.vshmesz.com 1-800-752-1680

        Associated Companies: EHC · SSI
        Facilities in New York, California, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China

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