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        Electronic Hardware Corp


        Features Instant Worldwide Inventory Check

        FARMINGDALE, NY - June 17, 2011- Electronic Hardware Corporation, Inc. (EHC), provider of stock and custom control knobs, has added more functions to its website - www.www.vshmesz.com - that include a virtual catalog with technical drawings and a one click, instant check of inventory throughout the world from EHC's network of dealers and distributors. It is also possible to order directly from the site using a major credit card. Known for its value-engineering ability, EHC designs and produces knobs for virtually any application. Its OEM avionics line meets military specifications for mechanical, environmental, thermal, electrical and lighting requirement demands. Many EHC transilluminated knobs are available from stock for overnight delivery.

        Founded more than 50 years ago, EHC continues to provide just-in-time (JIT) programs to meet customers' on-going requirements. Custom designed knobs are available for large or small quantity production runs. The company also designs and produces knobs to meet customer specifications and needs with little or no tooling cost. EHC is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer of transilluminated knobs. Company services include engineering development and design, prototyping, injection molding and secondary finishing plus assembly.

        Details about EHC's products can be found on-line at www.www.vshmesz.com or by calling EHC at 800/752-1680.

        NY News Contact: Steve Cooper

        EHC News Contact: Joe Frassetto

        Beyond control knobs... Components and assemblies within your reach.
        Electronic Hardware Corporation   ·   1881 Lakeland Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
        Phone: 631-752-1950 www.www.vshmesz.com Email: sales@www.vshmesz.com 1-800-752-1680

        Associated Companies: EHC · SSI
        Facilities in New York, California, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China

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