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        Electronic Hardware Corp


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        Date Press Release Title Link
        2014-04-23 Electronic Hardware Corporation Welcomes New Canadian Distributor, Irwin Industrial view
        2014-01-06 Electronic Hardware Corporation Featured in Product Design & Development view
        2013-10-15 Electronic Hardware Corporation Attending 2013 NBAA Convention view
        2013-05-21 Electronic Hardware Corporation Attending 2013 Paris Air Show view
        2013-04-05 Electronic Hardware Corporation Attending 2013 Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Show view
        2013-03-11 Electronic Hardware Corporation Welcome's New Distributor, Sherburn Electronics view
        2013-03-04 Electronic Hardware Corporation Achieves ISO 9001:2008 with Design Certification
        Now offers design services
        2012-04-23 Electronic Hardware Corporation Welcome's New Distributor
        Expands Presence in UK and Europe
        2012-02-08 EHC Attending 2012 Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show view
        2011-06-17 Knob Manufacturer EHC Launches New Website view
        2010-07-20 EHC Expands Transilluminated Knob Line view
        2009-09-01 Electronic Hardware Corporation Expands Operation
        to Include Manufacture of Custom Components and Assemblies

        Beyond control knobs... Components and assemblies within your reach.
        Electronic Hardware Corporation   ·   1881 Lakeland Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
        Phone: 631-752-1950 www.www.vshmesz.com Email: sales@www.vshmesz.com 1-800-752-1680

        Associated Companies: EHC · SSI
        Facilities in New York, California, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China

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