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        Transilluminated Knob


        EHC utilizes a transparent fire retardant thermoplastic molding compound, that meets the requirements of SAE-AS-7788, MIL-L-85762, AND NASM3926, MIL-K-25049. The material is clear for transilluminated knobs and may be colored for non- illuminated versions.

        All inserts are Brass in accordance with QQ-B-626 or equivalent, unless otherwise specified.

        Plating is in accordance with QQ-N-290, Grade G, Class 2.

        The set screws meet MS51021, the length is dependent on size of knob and the available space in order to meet MIL requirements.

        Brightness ratio to be .05+/- 25%, except Type III NVIS versions.
        Brightness requirements are not measured over the insert area.

        Due to the unique requirements of our customers we manufacture many different versions of these knobs. Some of the variations are set screw locations, markings and color, nut clearance depth and diameter, shaft hole size and depth and other special requirements. Our engineering department works closely with the customer to assure the units meet his specific needs.

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        Technical Data Mechanical Tolerances

        Beyond control knobs... Components and assemblies within your reach.
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        Facilities in New York, California, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China

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