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        Manufacturer of



        Our "C" series of knobs demonstrates how our engineers can take standard knobs and present them in a way to produce a common theme for a specific system of black boxes (Special Marking and Lighting). Although the design was customer specific, the materials utilized meet all of the specification associated with backlighted knobs. (The "C" series includes the CPK, CMK and CRK series seen on neighboring pages.)

        All of our backlighted knobs can be manufactured for night vision use. Our knobs meet NVIS Green A requirements.
        Beyond control knobs... Components and assemblies within your reach.
        Electronic Hardware Corporation   ·   1881 Lakeland Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
        Phone: 631-752-1950 www.www.vshmesz.com Email: sales@www.vshmesz.com 1-800-752-1680

        Associated Companies: EHC · SSI
        Facilities in New York, California, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China

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